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This unit could be used as an introduction to a statistics course. The basic vocabulary of descriptive and bivariate data is introduced. Students use Diigo and Google Docs to explore examples of how data is used to tell a story.

The subject Statistics will provide you with basic theoretical knowledge in the sphere of statistical methods and procedures used by performing analyses on concrete data of economic or biotechnological character. Teaching of this subject is supported by standard software tools (especially Microsoft Excel 2003®).

The course is being created VOLUNTARILY and it IS NOT an output of any project.

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Martina Majorová. 2009. Statistics. [online]. [cit. yy-mm-dd]. Available at: <>.

This 2 week course will focus on creating understanding of computer based spreadsheets. The course will focus on using spreadsheets for business applications and to create efficiencies and better organization by using these simple (and freely available) tools.

Brief course to introduce students to the world of statistics. Discusses methods of collecting data, displaying and describing data using graphs, and describing data numerically. Also intended to use with juniors in preparation of the MCA tests in April.

This a course under construction which will be provided to the GEOSS project for other teachers to utilize. The course is designed with two goals in mind 1. to provide sample resources about acceptable use and internet safety that could be utilized in the classroom, and 2. to provide additional resources for teachers looking to teach better research practices to their students. For more info just shoot Joe Thibault an email.

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Online Internet safety course for students in grades 5-12.